Tell Me About Your Work Experience

Ceritakan Tentang Pengalaman Kerja Anda

Interviewer : Have you got any work experience?
Candidate : Yes, I have. I have worked in a travel agency once. It was in 2002. The agency served the European tourists coming to Indonesia. I worked in the agency for 2 years. I was in charge of foreign tourist department and I was supported by 5 staff and 1 secretary. Well….I assisted the general sales director by arranging the tourists’ visits and dealt with correspondence via e-mail or post not only to promote the tour programs but also to make business deal with the foreign travel agencies. The job really gave me valuable experience on how to serve the customers, deal with a wide range of people from different cultural background. I also made a monthly report to the director
Interviewer : It seems that you enjoyed working there, but I read in your CV, you only worked there for 2 years and then you quitted the job and worked in hotel.
Candidate : Yes…that’s right. I did enjoy working in the travel agency. To tell you the truth there was nothing wrong with me and the company. It was a matter of self-development. I really wanted to work in more established company which gave me a more challenging job and wider opportunity to grow. Yes…then I worked in a 4 star hotel, Mandarin Hotel, as a staff of Human Resources Development. I was accountable to GRD manager. My main responsibility was to assist the HRD manager to arrange the trainings such as leadership trainings, outbound trainings, and customer service. I was also responsible for personnel recruitments and management development. I also set up some new company rules. In this hotel, I have learned how to develop and train the staff so that they will show the best work performance to achieve high productivity and efficiency.


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